Happy Birthday PALORDINIA

Palordinia The Birthday Boy!

It's already been a year. Well, to be more specific 370 days, since Palordinia started. When we started this thing we had nothing in mind more than creating a portal for our thought, and yes, why not sharing it with everyone interested on the web.

We have our ideas which usually fall short of being realized due to us being preoccupied with our jobs and our daily lives. Add to that a small dose of laziness and you find yourself looking at a product of two Arab guys in their late twenties.

During this year we strived to offer you, the visitor, an interesting perspective on many subjects. We tend to lean towards politics and business, but we also have an interest in arts, culture and just about everything else. Unfortunately, we are not blessed with the necessary skills to write about everything, and that's why you find the material about arts for example next to non-existent.


Our little adventure came to life when we started noticing what is commonly known amongst all of you as the Blogosphere! I know I know. A little too late, but hey! why judge us :). In times where Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and Myspace invaded our homes and minds, it is very difficult to notice something less flashy but admittedly richer!

I find myself obliged to mention the first blog that we noticed. Naturally, this blog helped develop the idea in our heads, and soon it was a reality. This blog was the Roba's weird and sometimes self-centered AndFarAway! Of course, that takes nothing away from the quality of that blog, but I thought it would be a decent way of describing it. It is also important to mention her that we are thankful for a different reason. Soon you will know why.

You might think, This guy is making creating a blog look like a difficult things to do. Well, true it is done with a couple of clicks. But to decide to take the time and commit to such thing is really difficult. I am not claiming that we have been consistant all along! Just a look at the number of entries of September 2008 gives you an idea about how fluctuating things have been around here.

No Promises!

I'm not going to make any promise that I'm not sure of fulfilling. I don't think Ali "my partner in crime" is going to do so as well. We will stick around. This is something for us before anything else, and if we are blessed enough to have people coming by to read what we write and share their thoughts and ideas with us, then that would be wonderful!

We might move to the next leverl, we might not. We might change our skins, we might not. We might grow, and we might not. But we will be around :)

How big is the bubble.

As all of you know, wonderful Google has this great tool called Google Analytics. It gives you some wonderful insights about yuour blog. It allows you to know how your blog is performing, and what is it that your readers take interest in. Here, we are going to share some facts about this blog with you. So Enjoy.

Top Ten Articles "By number of Readers"

1. The Seven Arab Girls You Should Never Date.
2. Dubai & The Financial Crisis.
3. Natalie The Virgin Bunny.
4. Ten Things You Need To Know About Your Arab.
5. Stereotype Moment: Lebanese.
6. Jordan Ranks 33 on Forbes List of Best Countries for Business
7. Stereotypes Moment: Jordanians
8. This Is How The Arabs Make The World Laugh At Them. Courtesy Of Mona Al Tahawy
9. World's Friendliest Countries.
10. Kadima's Website Hacked By Gazzans. E-War

Top Ten Visitors "Countries"

1. United States Of America.
2. Jordan
3. United Arab Emirates.
4. Saudia Arabia
5. United Kingdom
6. Canada
7. Germany
8. Egypt
9. Australia
10. Lebanon

Top Ten Referring Sites

1. Jordan Blogs
2. Blogger
3. And Far Away (That's why we are grateful :) )
4. Expat Blogs
5. Facebook.
6. The Black Iris
7. Blog Catalog
8. Palestine Blogs
9. Notes From A Grumpy Old Man
10. Google
11. Hareega (Honorary Mention)

It is important to mention here that we are still waiting for Toot to take us in! We don't know what the delay is all about! :)

Some Other Fact.

59% of our visitors came from referrals. We tkake this with pride.
84 is the number of countries from which people graced us with a visit.

There you go folks. A year of Palordinia and more to come. Thanks for all of those who came and took interest in what we write, and we are looking forward to share more with you.


Palordinia Team.


Ali said...

It's been a year already, GOD.
I've gotta hand it to you dude, it was a great idea, we had fun, and more fun to come, as long as non of us is married ;) I think

khalid jarrar said...

you horrible lazy arab, you couldnt even put links to the top ten posts for us to read them if we are intersted?


happy birthday man :)

Ali said...

hahaha, it's true khalid, we should have done that, and i can't deny that the idea has crossed my mind too.

Cheers dude.