The best Arabic TV show ever made

Khawater is a TV show that compares between Japan and the Arab world, in terms of life style.

This programme shows on MBC1 at 15:15 GMT, and I can say without even thinking about it that this show is the best show ever shown on TV in Ramadan, and probably the best Arabic TV show ever made.

Why am I saying that? It’s because I stopped watching TV about 3 years ago (apart from sports and news) because simply I lost any hope that the Arabic media will one day make a show or a documentary that will prove to be useful, they don’t want to, they just want to be like Melody Hits or the other prostitution channels we have on our great NileSat.

This show is the best because the presenter shows the truth, no compromise, no “ass kissing”, he simply is answering the question that every Arab has asked themselves one day, why does all the world call us the 3ed world? Or maybe a more direct question, why are all the others better than us?

The answer is simple, just watch one episode of this show and you will know.

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