The Triangle of Evil

Hamas prevents pilgrims from passing to Egypt on their way to Saudi Arabia to do the hajj.

Why would the “Islamic” party do that?
They say because the pilgrims have got their papers illegally approved. How did they know that it’s illegal? Because it was approved by the government in Ram Allah.

I’ve never been a fan of politics, or the politicians, especially the “Islamic” ones. I think it’s obvious why.

Poor Gaza falls in the center of the Triangle of Evil, Hamas, what so called the Palestinian government, and the Israeli killing machine.

In this occasion I would like to applaud Hamas and Ram Allah government, well done guys, you have managed to show the world the real meaning of hypocrisy, you have managed to show the world that Palestinians are idiots and don’t deserve to have an independent country, although they are actually smart and they do deserve the country, but the truth won’t be revealed until they come to their senses and sack you all, Hamas and the PLO.

I know this article is a little harsh, but we’ve had enough of this bullshit, and it must end, or maybe it’s just me! I don’t know.

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