Obama delivers on his promise

"Without lies humanity would perish of despair and boredom”. Anatole France.

Maybe we shouldn't complain about politics afterall. It is full of lies, and so it is enriching our lives with events to ensure we don't die of boredom! dying of other things is fine.

Once more, I felt excited and overwhilmed by the unpredictability (And so I lie again), and the ever entertaining nature of politics. FAR FROM BORING!!

During the past few days people I know were exchanging greetings and gestures of happiness! Signs of victory! On Facebook, status updates were so optimistic and sincere as if liberation has finally arrived to the long waiting Palestinians!!

I quote one of those: " Congratulations Abu Hussein!! A.K.A Obama!! "

Optimistic? Hopefull? Moderate? Desperate? Naive?... I really don't know what to call them!

" Barack Obama has announced that Rahm Emanuel, a former official in Bill Clinton's administration, has accepted his offer to become White House chief of staff. Emanuel was seen as a tough, hard nosed and highly partisan political operative known for his fiery temper with strong links to Israel. He is the son of a Jerusalem-born doctor who was active in an underground Zionist organisation that fought the British in Palestine before the founding of Israel."

From Al Jazeera website.

We should go back to our tents and whine for 8 more years. And then, become hopeful again!

It suits us!!

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