Status Update: going up the ladder!

Weather: 8
Ahhhhh, finally!! you can roll down your windows, take awake, enjoy a an outdoors shisha and plan for a visit to the autodrome! :)

Health: 6
Average!! I have to cut down on a habit or two though!

Finance: 7.5It's ironic that this figure just went during these tough times! I guess it all boils down to the fact that i didn't see a specific digit in my bank account for a very very long time!

Social: 6Things are quiet. Work is taking its toll, and traffic leaves you worn out and the idea of having a social life is at times not appealing whatsoever!! However, the weekends are always interesting. I'm expecting more fun in the coming days, as one my bestEST friends is coming to town.

Professional: 8.5It's getting real, and I have to say, at work, shit usually happens!

Insomnia: 6Work is really giving me no chance to suffer from this horrible condition! One thing I'm thankful for.

Overall: 6.9A push is forecasted in December, with the holidays season beckoning. I just hope that a certain trip will no Xt$*%# the whole thing up!!

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