Top Ten Annoying Phrases/Expressions!!

Words are magic! You always hear about these keywords once uttered people get excited, enthused, and determined. They understand the message and the mission, and embark on fulfilling the related dream. On the other hand, only in few times did I come across an article that talks about annoying words, annoying phrases and metaphors! Those tacky words that give you a feeling of disbelief, annoyance, and sarcasm. The first thing that crosses your mind once you hear them is that you are about to hear a stream of crap of the highest quality.

I personally have my list, and I'm going to share it here. Definitely, it will be different from others' lists, and I would be very interested in reading about those lists.

And so, down to business. from tenth most annoying to the most MOST annoying!!

10. Touch base!!
It is extremely annoying to hear this word over and over again, in every single meeting and conference call. X will touch base with Y, Y will touch base with Z, and Z will touch base with John who has touched base earlier with X about the need to touch base with Ahmad about why figures are not met!! I personally don't understand the concept of BASE TOUCHING. Does that mean that you're going to talk about headlines which usually have nothing to do with the real situation? Or, are you going to have a TALK about how the situation has turned to a disaster, and understand who screwed things up?! However you put it, TOUCHING the BASE adds no value to anything, and it is merely an attempt to show others that you'll be doing more than TALKING when you're actually not!

9. Deep Dive!

Quite the opposite of the previous one! Yet, almost always you tend to hear the two terms in a great proximity to each other. X will touch base with Y to do a DEEP DIVE into the reports. My theory goes like this; DEEP DIVE is your way of telling someone that they need to do a lot of donkey work while putting it in a self esteem boosting way!

8. It is what it is, except when it's not!!
As if we don't have enough confusion. Usually this phrase is uttered by two people who have no clue what they are talking about, but one of them is in dire need to prove the opposite!

7. What's your good name?!
I don't know how many people have heard this phrase before, but it is pretty common where I live. So when you want to ask somebody about their name you go "What's you good name?". The first thing that pops into my head is that he's going to elabortae and tell him, don't tell me the bad one!!. I don't know about you, but I haven't met many people with two given names!. So imagine the following conversation!

X: Good morning.
Y: Good morning.
X: What's you good name?
Y: Shadi.
X: And your bad one?
Y: Ballota!

6. This is an IN place!
It's just amazing how teenagers have a need to invent things "Usually useless". It's equally amazing how adults criticize them, and then quote them!

5. How much is this? ... It's coming 40$!!
This is just new english to me!

4. What the Frack!!
I just think it's not cute. You're better off saying the real F-word if you really need to!

3. talk the talk, and walk the walk.
I can't explain why, it's just too annoying!

2. Give a 110%!!
The best way to describe this "Action" was a forward email I received a couple of years ago. Basically, if you assign a number from 1 to 26 to each letter of the alphabet based on their alphabetical order, Bull shit scores 110% and Ass kissing scores 120%!

This is basically people's strategy to get ahead in corporate life!! do a lot of 110% & 120%

And the winner, the number one annoying phrase for me is:

1. George W. Bush said...:
Let's face it, anything and everything he says is annoying! There is no limit to his stupidity! For the past 8 years David Littermann had enough material from this guy to fill episodes for the coming 8 years!

There you go! These are the phrases that step on nerves! I'm very interesting in knowing yours.

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