The Zenith of Egyptian politics

I have always admired the way Egyptians can turn anything into a joke. Their ability to laugh and ejoy their lives even when the going gets tough. With the majority of the Egyptian population living in poverty, and with the ever worsening political situation in that cradle of civilization, the Egyptian people never lost their ability to draw a smile on their face, or draw one on others' faces. Although, recently a couple of Egyptians I met claimed that this issue was one of the major accomplishment of this government's reign, It managed to make more and more Egyptians frown on a daily basis for no apparent reason, which is something Jordanians are accustomed to and do effortlessly.

Yesterday, I read an article in the newspaper! It was a disgusting, pathetic, sad & embarrasing story, and yet I couldn't afford but to smile while reading it!! Maybe irony is way stronger than simple humor.

Mr. Hesham Tala'at Mustafa, a prominent politician & businessman, just like many of the members of the ruling party, is currently under investigation with connection to the gowing evidence that he was actually the one who issued the order for Suzan Tamim to be killed!! We covered this before, and most of us know about the story. However, the newest twist in the whole saga is that Mr. Mustafa has been convicted recently by a court in Dubai for committing adultry with an Uzbek prostitute!! Hilarious! The other funny twist is that, it took a lawyer and a deep investigation using a lot of resources and documentation to detertmine who the husband of Suzan at the time of her death was! A few guys showed up, claiming sincerely that she was their wife. The actual husband(The mourner??) had to prove with proper documentation that he was actually the husband.

Just a thought here. We all know that in Islam, marriage can be legal if there was an agreement in the presence of two witnesses, and that papers were not introduced until late times to preserve the rights of both spouses. In other words, it wouldn't be hard for someone to get married 700 times without anyone knowing about it. Fortunately for us, Islamic courts noticed the dilemma here and fixed this problem long time ago.

This is the tip of the Iceberg when it comes to our politicians and artists! This story actually got exposed. Many other stories don't. One might say, that this happens all over the world, and I agree. It definitely happens, and Bill Clinton who surprisingly hasn't lost his credibility can tell you all about it. But... The thing is, we were never used to have these stories in this region!

Ah, I know what this is usually called.... PROGRESS!!

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