Cultural Understanding: Reality Show!!

Somewhere in France, in the forests of Versailles a few people met. Some from Europe, some from the Middle East. A great group of people who give colors to your life. That night however, was destined to be a weird night. In a game of cultural understanding, the following conversation took place!

Q: How do you see French People?
Rob "Dutch": Arrogant!!
Metron "French": Really??!!

Q: How do you see Russian People?
Nikola "Serbian": Aggressive.
Elina "Russian": Are you F***ing kidding me?! Who told you that? "$%%^^#&*$" "something in Russain" Then, are you still living in the 50's?!?!

She definitely proved him wrong!!

Q: How do you see Turkish People?
Alberto "Spanish": Proud & Nationalist.

Poland was playing Slovakia for the 2010 WCQ!! Poland is losing 1-2. Adam is pissed. A discussion about football is ignited. Somewhere along that conversation, I make my main and defining contribution!!

I: You know what, I admire the Germans! Even when they have a shitty team they reach the final.
Ines "German": "Smiles"
Adam "Polish": They are F***ers!! ..
Ines: !!!!!!
Adam: I mean. you know... Podolski is Polish!

Well done Adam!!

Q: How do you see Jordanian People?
....... Long pause!!!.... Then
Silviu "Romanian": I love your Queen.
I: Silviu, Is that a way of telling me you are a terrorist, but you chose to be polite!?

It turned out to be a Dare or Truth thing... But you know, nothing that a Draft can't erase.

Then Metron invited us for an all-cheese dinner!! And then, I just wanted to kill myself.

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