The Evolution of Truth (The maturity of Hypocrisy)

I had in my head dozens of ways in which I thought the media could change the public’s perception. I knew that there were countless methods and endless angles by which you can turn right to wrong, and wrong to right.

I’ve seen images where the butcher became the victim, and the oppressed became the oppressor. I was even fooled by those teary moments that made me seriously believe that we are all one. I would always take a moment to say, even if in my head, what if?! What if this piece was shown from a different angle? What if those people had seen what happened on a different channel? What if this country had access to the right book? What if that network crashed and we never heard from those brainwashing machines!

But silly me! I thought it was still about the wrong input. I thought that people could change their minds when it comes to their perceived truth! I thought that they would actually think twice before they judge someone. It turned out that it is a little bit too late.

Why talk about human rights? Why talk about equality? Why talk about fairness? Why talk about democracy? I think the Civilized have been enlightened enough to be criminalized for the double standards we are seeing everywhere.

I think the truth has been permanently defined.

You, will always think what you were programmed to think.

And we will always be close-minded terrorists!

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