Status Update: "The Coming Back"

I haven't been blogging for a long time now, and as you can see I'm trying to make up for the wasted days! The reason being I was really getting tired of the futile discussion about Gaza. It steps on your nerves and strains your brain cells when you see people discussing things they wouldn't have discussed had it been another country that was involved other than Israel. Back to the chicken and the egg discussion, occupation and security, Shalit and blockade!. For me the facts were clear so I decided to step down for awhile and leave the blogosphere to those who have something to do better than argue with those who don't believe in people's rights to live!

And since it's been awhile, I think it's the right time for the occasional Status Update!!.. I say occasional because it's totally random and based on my mood, which swings faster than a child's cradle!

Weather: 8.5
I can still enjoy the glorious outdoor activities which in the summer would be a dream.

Social: 7.5
Something is cooking!! but I still don't know how it'll end up!

Financial: 4
A major leakage point has been discovered and there is no sign of stopping!!

Professional: 8
Surprisingly things are going pretty well!! I hope I didn't jinx it just now.

Health: 7
Same same baba! I need to go to the dentist though.

Insomnia: 6
Still lingering at the same level as before. This is a chronic case that I have been suffering for the past 10 years, and shows no sign of letting go!

Overall: 6.9

Same score as the last time, which I remember was somewhere mid November!What I have gained in my social life and my health I paid for dearly and is balanced out by the evaporation of Money!!

It would interesting to see how the coming few months will look like!! A major change is forecasted somewhere around June!

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