An interesting new Gadget by Facebook (Touchgraph)

Being an engineer I can't help but to be fascianted with anything that looks like a diagram. Lines and arrows going left right and center. Circles growing bigger or smaller shifting from left to right and vise Versa!

Some smart guy came up with this idea, and I find it one of the coolest ideas any nerd has come up with. This diagram shows you your friends and the way they are interconnected, and based on their connections to each other they are clustered and color coded!! So you can easily identify those who are you college friends, school friends, colleagues, family, and even one night stands!!

In this diagram for example, you can see a name that is fighting for my place!! His circle is very close and almost as big as mine!! Can you imagine if this guy was severed from my life!! the whole network will be heavily disturbed!! :-)..

Facebook... Cool stuff!!

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