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During the past few weeks we have witnessed another episode from a non-stop series of killing and massacres Israel has orchestrated in the holy land! A land, they

claim, has been promised to them by God!! And this is basically the most basic reason why this state is on the face of the Earth. What is funnier is the fact that they are getting all support needed from all the Western, and supposedly “Secular” countries!.








                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            However, during this episode we have witnessed some changes!! Things that never really happened before! Or at least for as far as I remember. Gazing at these changes and dissecting them might come up with conflicting feeling for all parties. It can be very confusing, and probably will not help any party coming up with any conclusions, or make any prediction. Or, let’s be more specific, unpredictable predictions!! But I choose to look at the overall picture! Change is good. Why? SImply because it means things are not going the way they have always gone! And this, undoubtedly is good for us! And I can argue, for the world!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   For the first time the Arab Countries have publicly taken sides! Different sides that is. While the Egyptian government has shamelessly taken the side of the aggressor along with a couple of those governments, Other Arab states showed the same level of solidarity with Palestinians as always! Albeit useless and lame!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Turkey, one of the biggest Muslim countries, a key player in the Middle East, and usually one with an independent decision! have criticized Israel with a new tone! Harshly, uncompromisingly and straight in the face. They refused to receive any Israeli diplomats, and on several occasions called this operation a crime and a massacre. It is important to note that Turkey has always been considered a close ally of the US, and a close ally of Israel as well.

   MR. Erdogan made his voice, and his nation’s, clearer on where he stands and walked out on Perez and Davos. He felt offended simply because Perez and Israel as usual try their best to fool people by twisting facts and reversing irreversible arguments; like who came first, the chicken or the egg? It’s obvious, you are the one who is breaking the law by occupying other people, end of story.

                                                                                                                                                     BBC, CNN and the rest were forced for the first time to extensively cover the events in Gaza and show the world the ugly face of Israel. Because the simply couldn’t avoid the fact the Aljazeera International has its reach, and people can actually watch on it what happens. So the state of denial and masking the facts had to be tuned down by these station, although they made sure every single time they show a dead body, the stick the sentence “Hamas is firing rockets”. As if Hamas and the Palestinian should have rolled down and died silently. I think Al Jazeera is doing a great job, and I always thought that somebody must do this job. Telling the story to the world, in its language that is. I personally got sick of Arabic channels telling you the same story over and over again, on every occasion and evey anniversary! WE KNOW THE STORY!! THE WORLD DOESN’T YET!.                                                                                                                                                       More and more people around the world started opening their eyes and looking at the atrocities the Israeli government is commiting in Palestine!! And it’s safe to say that the European governments can not keep ignoring their citizens for a long time, if those citizen grow sick and tired of the ever forgiving policies that their country implement towards Israel. Those demonstrations in Denmark, Norway, UK and other European countries probably didn’t help the people of Gaza that much, but it can be a good indication that there is still some goodness in this world, and that people can actually look beyond religion, ethnicity or the Holocaust Guilt to see the real and contemporary tragedies in this world.


                                                                                                                                                     Hugo Chavez and Morales. They probably have their own agenda, and they should. But they proved to me and two millions like me just how pathetic the leaders of the arab world generally are. Again, they might not be the most influential countries in the world, but how about we try to make them be. Just a theory, if Saudi, Iran, Venezuela, Libya, Algeria form some kind of coalition like the G7 for example. Don’t you think they can exert enough political pressure to do whatever they want in their regions? The answer is yes they can! But No, God forbids Saudi does such a thing! How can they ever do something useful.                                                                                                                                                   Just one more thing before I wrap up. One mindless idiot, or probably more, came out after the infamous Arab summit, which I think has been ranked top of the list on the world’s laughing stocks, and said we should not allow non-arab countries interfere with the Palestinian issue. Whisper “ Turkey and Iran “. You mindless losers, what is it that you’ve done to the Palestinians to play the role of the guardian of the Arab world and say such sickening sentence!! They are afraid of a new Ottoman empire!!. You know what, if Turkey decides to invade the Arab world, I’ll stand on the gates of Aleppo waving a Turkish flag, because we have reached a new level of mediocrity that we can actually co-habit with cockroaches!!

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Maju said...

Don't forget that Saudi Arabia has financed this campaign against Gaza, the first Israeli "war" not financed by the USA in many decades but by the Arabs.

Egypt is accomplice but so is Saudia. Among Arab countries I think no one other than Syria and Qatar have the slightest compromise with Palestinians (especially after Sadam Hussein was dethroned).

The Turkish signal is clear (especially as it was done somewhat emotionally, not just a calculated gesture) but they don't seem able nor willing to break their dependence on NATO and the USA.

The hope, the real hope is in the growing citizen awareness and possible (somewhat real already) civic boycott to Israel and its collaborators, both in the Muslim and the Western World. Wester citizens, mostly now people born after WWII, who consider the Holocaust "ancient history", and therefore have not anymore much sense of it or therefore any taboo of "antisemitism" (word deprived of its meaning by the Zionist abuse), is realizing (again) that Israel is nothing but a racist colonial aberration and that must be adressed as such.

But the power of the Zionist Lobby (the true Israel) remains high, controlling a good deal of the media and business and that way hijacking the resorts of power that could be used to discipline Israel. I fear we will still have to wait some time before any Western power does the same as Venezuela and Bolivia and just severs ties with the Zionazis. It is a shame for Europeans to be offering the Israelis the privilege to compete in European leagues or cultural events, or to give them privileged access to our markets, when we should be actually imposing a total blockade.

Well, at least the flame of hope has been ignited.

Ehab said...


The truth is that we are feeling less and less hopefull that change in the way the world is looking at the palestinian plight is going to happen, and that desparation can be manifested in so many different ways! There are those who can express their opinion with words and political movement, but there are others who are less capable of that. It's very difficult as well to expect people who are living under occupation to react peacefully to the violence they are suffering.

That's why it was a change that we welcomed when we saw europeans marching in the streets protesting against the inhumane crimes the israeli government is commiting in palestine.

Let's hope that european nations will eventually show what their democracy mean when they force their government to take actions against this israeli nazi behaviour. Because it is very difficult to accept that those people who suffered two world wars will accept those kinds of crime, and eventually things will change. My hope is that it happens before more people needlessly die!

Maju said...

It's very difficult as well to expect people who are living under occupation to react peacefully to the violence they are suffering.

I would not expect that. The normal thing is to react angrily and violently, even if it may not be of any use. The main criticism made to Gandhi was that his methods were "inhuman", i.e. against human nature.

Let's hope that european nations will eventually show what their democracy mean when they force their government to take actions against this israeli nazi behaviour.

I believe the public is very much aware in Europe nowadays (though the media is often pro-Israel) but that this awareness won't easily break the political consensus in foreign relations (i.e. lazy subservience to USA, NATO and therefore Israel). The recent upheaval did achieve some impact though and the upgrade of relations with Israel was indefinitely suspended. But that is too little (and too late, admittedly). It may act as a pressure to contain Israel's most vicious genocidal tendencies but that's about it.

What may have more impact, if extended and continued, will be the consumers' boycott. The economy is a central pillar and one that can be sapped, at least to some extent, by the public. And this is not just a matter of Europeans but of all Humankind.

But I suspect that the decisive movements can happen in the Arab World, especially in Egypt and Saudia. Gaza would not be isolated and unarmed if Egypt would not be hostile to Hamas and ally of Israel and I dare to forecast that, within the unfolding economic crisis, Egypt, a poor overpopulated country, will suffer a very radical revolution and that will be a major step towards the liberation of Palestine.

The details of the process I really can't foresee, though I can imagine very grim scenarios, even if I would like otherwise.

The vast majority of ethnic Jews, either in Israel, the USA or elsewhere seem blindly comitted to the racist colonialist genocidal Zionist project, and I don't think a radical change of opinion in this ethnic group will happen unless military or at least economic defeat is cast upon them and their neocrusade. There is anyhow a growing sector of anti-Zionist activists among Jews and I feel a very particular respect and admiration for the refuseniks, who reject to serve in the genocidal army.

And that is also a sign of hope, even if slim.