Chapter 1: Jordanians " The Floaters"

There are five types of Jordanians. At least 95% of the population belong to one of these types. The rest are just anomalies or simply not Jordanians.

These types are identifiable by their way of life. Not by religion or origin, but by social beliefs and codes of social communication.

In this Series of 5 posts we will go through the 5 types as an extensive Jordan 101 Course.


This group takes pride in being Elite. Not in a financial sense, but more on a moral level. the wrong doing of their own doesn't necessarily undermine their status as they have struck a deal with God to give them a signing bonus. A huge sum of good deeds that will always balance out their screw ups.

Males will look for a girlfriend, and girls will look for boyfriends. Guys will always look for sex by any mean, but they'll eventually look for a Virgin to marry! Someone whom no man's hands have touched before. For them every guy in a car with a girl is the boyfriend and he's getting some! The possibility of him being her brother, fiancee, cousin is absolutely absurd and unrealistic for them.

They all know what religion is all about. They know what's wrong and right, but they do all the wrong things. They want to enjoy life! Go out, party, have Girlfriends, dance, experience the nightlife, sleep overs, go camping with the opposite sex just for a laugh and a game of Monopoly through the night. They want to have a hobby. Play a sport. Maybe Tennis! They end up playing Cards until all their life's wild cards are spent. They are hooked to pipes running from their lips to the end of their dreams. To a bowl of stinking water as they vent their dreams and watch it become a white cloud blocking their sight.

They sit and judge and gauge. How much did they waste, and how more is there to waste. By the time their dreams are transformed into a proud gut, and their lungs rot, they find themselves a "Virgin" and go on to add mediocrity to a mediocre existence. Eat, Work, Drink, and sleep. They believe that they are the best thing that happened since bread came sliced. Syrians, Egyptians, Gulf people, Iraqis, Lebanese? No, they are not good enough.

They speak different tongues because they always try to fit! Gaddaish, Addaish and Addaih! They love their cars. They love their Shisha's and they love their coffee cups and keyboards.

They are stuck midway between Heaven and Hell! They don't drink but they don't pray, they don't think but they don't play!.. They don't read because it's lame. They don't play sport because it's immature. They love and they deny it. They have brains but they don't levy it. They are dressed in blue, grey and black. Probably Green on a happy day, But Pink would be just too Gay. They don't know where they stand. Are they on the left or on the right? Are they in the middle of it or just on the side? Are they vectors or just scalar values with no direction or aim?

They just float... The lost Children of this country.

To Be Continued....

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