Algeria, Egypt and the Arabic competition culture

To start with, we have to congratulate Egypt for a convincing win over Algeria. It doesn't get clearer than 4-0, and the win is obviously well deserved. Having said that, this game is a living example of everything that is wrong with Arabic football, and this reflects the many flaws we have in other aspects of life.

Algeria is probably as good as Egypt, maybe a little better or a bit worse. 4-0 might lead observers to believe there is a huge technical gap between the two teams , but what it really reflects is how bad we are at losing, and how unequiped we are in defeat. 3 red cards for a team of professional footballers who've just celebrated a birth in the coming World Cup! One might be a result of an honest mistake, or a clumsy challenge, but 2 or 3 is just an indication of emotional immaturity! They gave up, were pissed off and decided to have a go at the players to vent and conceal their weakness! Let's be clear, what the Algerians did doesn't reflect dedication, patriotism or professionalism. It only indicates bankruptcy and desperation. We are emotionally defeated and immature. We give up and as a result we change the course of the fight and start our own objectives which no one cares about but ourselves. There should be a very big question mark over the maturity of those red carded, and their involvement in the team going for the World Cup should be re-evaluated.

As for Egypt. Well, a game of football can not be equated to October War. Sending the whole population on full alert and having actors, singers and all sorts of celebrities charging up the atmosphere is an indication of desperation and utter absurdity. You lost the game and Algeria deserved to go through to the world cup. Live with it. If they were aggressive in supporting their team, you were not exactly the most gracious of hosts! Algeria is not the enemy. Much bigger rivalries exist in the footballing world! Argentina and Brazil, Italy and Germany, Italy and France, Argentina and England who played each other few years after the Falkland War, and till now the players respect and show admiration of each other! Grow up and accept the fact that you always choke when it comes to the World Cup!

Egypt are likely to go home with the cup, and Algeria are likely to lose 3 games in the World Cup and go home. In both cases our media will hail the result as a success, and we will still talk about that game Algeria won against Germany back in 1982. Basking in old glories just as we do in any other field of life.

We need to be reasonable and consistent. We need to be mature and rise to the occasion. We need to stop choking when things matter and accept our failures and successes as our own doing.

To all those reasonable Egyptian fans, congratulations and good luck in the final. To all those reasonable Algerians fans, hard luck and better luck in the World cup. To all the rest, get a life!


htm said...

"You lost the game and Algeria deserved to go through to the world cup."

"Egypt are likely to go home with the cup, and Algeria are likely to lose 3 games in the World Cup and go home."

If that is your expectation for algeria in the world cup (which is mine also), then HOW is it that algeria DESERVED to go to WC in the first place?

yesterday's match only matters one thing to me is that it showed that we were the deserving to go to the world cup, instead algerian rioters stole it, you can call me sore loser and you would be right but not after this match.

algerians will not go far if the start hitting the referee when losing.

our matches vs brazil and italy showed that we can do something vs the big teams if there is effort.

so my point this match showed that we were the ones deserving to qualify

Ehab said...

Algeria deserved to qualify because during the qualification rounds they won against Egypt in a fair and square match! It's very simple. They had equal chances and Algeria took advantage of theirs.

As for the rioter part, the rioters you refer to were in the stands and on the streets. I fail to see how they can have an effect on the 11 egyptian players on the field, and even if those had an effect, why didn't the player get affected "positively" be the endless and selfless support from the likes of Muhammad Fuad and Fardous Abdulhameed! Don't you see that theese rioters are simply another excuse!

Indeed Algeria deserved to qualify to the World Cup, at least in my eyes!

As for your point about Italy and Brazil just proves mine! We "Arabs" choke when it matters. They played very well against Italy and Brazil only to be humiliated against the weaker team, USA. Against Italy and Brazil they played wonderful matches and they deserve credit for it only as far as the end of that tournament, maybe even until the next official match, but it definitely doesn't give Egypt the automatic right of qualifying to the World Cup, or to claim that they are more worthy of a place in the World Cup.

Finally, I really don't advise you to go to the violence part. We all saw what happened to the Algerian team in Egypt. If I was a FIFA official I'll put a ban on matches in Egypt for a month or two!

We clearly differ in opinions but we agree on the cheering on Egypt against Ghana in the Final :)

htm said...

so you saying the same team that won african cup 3 times in a row doesnt deserve a place in WC? :)

yes it is sad a team like this will never come again WC was their place...

and if algeria does nothing and go home (which it will) it will be even sadder

but we are the champions now :) hope you enjoyed the game.

htm said...

even algerians are asking how egypt didnt qualify to the world cup, im gonna stop watching football...

Ehab said...

I think the question of why didn't Egypt qualify to the World Cup needs to be asked to the Egyptian team. Algerian are definitely not to be blamed for winning their tickets to South Africa in a fair match. It's always baffled me why doesn't Egypt perform well in World Cup qualifiers. Maybe they need to work on their Away form to get more points when playing on others' turf.

And yes, congratulations to Egypt and the rest of the Arab World on winning the African Cup of Nations :-)