Thoughts of a 40,000 ft high passenger

* They say that smoking will kill you. I'm not really sure whether this has something to do with the actual intake of all this gloriously poisonous stuff, or is it because the things a smoker will do to get his fix! I walked probably half a mile from and crossed two terminals today to go to the smoking room! More like a gas chamber. Smoked two ciggies and went back the same distance with my bags on me! Now, this is what people call dedication.

* Airports always give you, well at lest me, this weird feeling of hope mixed with loneliness and solitude. I'm very quiet in airports. I will probably look like a man carrying the globe over his shoulders. Usually, I'm just having extra time to think about so many things that I usually forget.

* After what happened the other day, Egypt & Algeria should be banned from the World Cup! It's an embarrassment and a disgrace to Arabs, Africa and the whole sporting community. Their associations should impose a self-ban just to teach their Holligans a lesson and tell the world that those rubbish don't represent us.

* Tunisia decided to embarrass itself against Mozambique, as opposed to doing it during the world cup. They are keeping a low profile. How wise of them.

* Bahrain should not qualify. Period.

* When an Arab tries to explain to a Sri Lankan that he/she shouldn't discriminate agains Philippinos that means that the world is coming to an end!.. The west do it for us, and we do it for each other!

* Emirates airlines is a great Airliner. Wonderful service. But Royal Jordanian is as well, and their Entertainment programs are much better. Yes, I care about my entertainment especially during long flights.

* Emirates only comes on top by the virtue of the absence of the self-proclaimed scary non-civilan staring at everyone who steps in.

* 401 Miles to Amman.

* Smoking isn't the most damaging thing to your health. Remember, eventually you will get married.

* Heading to Amman, the first few ideas that pop into my head are:
A)finally I will be able to wear a jacket! I miss those winters.
B) Once I'm out of customs I'll buy me a Latte from Blue Fig and smoke me a ciggie.
C) I'm going to miss that house warming party Eloisa is throwing this weekend, and
D) I've just approved a 4-day vacation that my privacy will take. It will commence the moment I step off the plane.

* We Jordanians complain a lot about Jordan.. But we love going back. Because it's beautiful.

* Two days of work and then the weekend. After that, the weather is getting better in Dubai and I'm not about to miss it!


Hareega said...

Have fun in Jordan, the whole country is one big smoking area

Ehab said...

Quite true.. It's sinful to be a non-smoker in Jordan!

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