Egypt and Algeria or Algeria and Egypt

Egypt and Algeria or Algeria and Egypt, doesn’t really matter which comes first, because in my eyes both comes last, the last 2 countries I will have any respect for after what happened lately because of a stupid football game.

I kept silent about this idiotic act for long enough until I saw an ad on the TV for a stupid, low budget, cheap Egyptian movie, the ad said, soon on all cinemas in all the Arab countries except Algeria!!!! When I saw this I thought, this must be a joke.

I don’t know who started this or how it started in the first place, but if there is one thing I’m sure of it's that it’s all the fault of the media, one dumb reporter says something stupid, whether he meant bad or good it doesn’t matter, then all the TV channels pick that up and start to build stories on it, and the simple people just watch this and the blood boils in their veins, it’s the honour of their countries, someone is insulting their countries, they want to go to war!!! They want to go to war because of a football game!!!

One guy on TV was shouting (the TV host was crying, I swear to god he was crying with tears) “they have insulted us, they have burnt our flag, we have to defend our dignity and honour”, he wants his dignity back! What dignity are you talking about, dude we are Arabs, I thought that ship has sailed, it has sailed since we lost Palestine, it has sailed again and again and again many times after, and never came close to the Arab countries since then, we lost Iraq after Palestine, and we lost thousands of people in few days just a year ago, and you want to get back at the Algerians?! Is that how you get your dignity back?!

Now I just talked about the simple people here, didn’t mention anything about the “highly educated” public figures of both countries and I didn’t say anything about the governments too, and I won’t, for one single reason, we Arabs are a hopeless case, the only thing we are good at is to find artistic ways to bring shame to ourselves.


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