What makes Jordan a great place to live in?

I've written an earlier post about the reasons why I thought Dubai is one of the best places to live (Here) . Now, it's time to talk about Jordan.

Being a Jordanian, and someone who lived most of his life in Jordan, I should be able to write a comprehensive piece on the subject. However, those who lived or continue to live in Jordan know that the country changes very quickly. The social fabric in the country keeps morphing and changing. It remains to be a matter of debate whether those changes in all aspects of life are to the better or worse. What everyone seems to agree on is that change do happen, and in a pacey way.

Therefore, I realized that for someone who has been coming back to Jordan mostly for holidays for the past five years, it will make sense to ask for feedback from those who currently live there, or in some way have experienced the place recently.

So, this is an invitation to all of you out there, to grace us with your comments, telling us what makes Jordan a great place to live in?

Spread the word. We want to know what you think :)


Basel said...

gzazit pepsi 3ind dokkan abo-3isam el-ma7seeri.

Basel said...

Now for real. Relocating 8 years ago, and not visiting since 2006, I'm also very anxious to read everyone's else posts.

nrulazman said...

i'v never been there.
&& i'm waiting for the comment from others as i would love to hear moreeee bout jordan ^-^

khalid jarrar said...

hahaha from the lack of comment i see that jordan is not a great place to live after all :P

i relocated a year ago and havent visited since about 6 months ago :)

Basel said...

Abol-Heeeb... 23mallak sha3'lih.

Ehab said...

It looks like there is nothing much in Jordan for people to enjoy living in it!! :) .. Well, at least Basil had something to say and for that we thank him!

How about you Khalid? You lived there. Share something with us :)

khalid jarrar said...

Alright alright i will try to save il mawqif!

i have a love hate relation with jordan :)

i like being in jordan briefly, i like the atmosphere, i like the little cute streets, i like my parents place there, i like it when you find a place high enough to look at the city from above, or find a place to look from the city to everything below (salt, abo nser) the scene of the sparkling lights below is breathtaking and its like doing meditation and urges me to smile, and to say sub7anallah :)

i dont like how everything shuts down too early, the scene of empty streets and closed shops deppresses me, i dont like how westernised part of the poppulation is in their IDENTITY. i dont like the politics of jordan it absolutely sucks. i dont like how i am treated like a criminal on boreders mearly for having a beard, i dont like how i always feel like a foreigner and never like a citizen when i enter any goverment department, see i speak bil (2alo o 2olna) :D and it seems to be a source of endless amusment by jordanians when they see a "sheikh" speaking bil 2a. and i am from palestinian origin, whenever i am asked in a jordaniain goverment department "from which city i are you originaly" i feel like someoen punched me in the stomach. i just realize now that the country has a split personality: the personnel of the goverment in goverment departments wherever you need to do paperwork, also in police/army/mokhabarat/borders etc, are all pro (galo o golna), and favor "original" jordanians and are more conservative and more tribal and whatnot. the king/higher level of goverment, are all pro english/americanism/libralism etc, the problem is that i am in neither categories, left always hanging not liking either, and not being liked by either! :S

howwa sho kan isso2al 3afwan? :D

黃郁順 said...

很喜歡你的blog哦...加油唷 ........................................

GeraldF_Rotter雅慧 said...

Nice Post~!!!. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

茂鴻 said...


偉子生誠 said...

how do u do?

Anonymous said...

So right on but you forget how unorganized the whole system is in Jordan and how the tourists parts get a ton of money to be pretty while the town I live in looks like the poorest place. I live in Zarqa and it has one of the highest populations but where is the money? The clinics all have Ukranian doctors that don't know what they are doing, I have medical experience and they scare me! The hospital is dirty and people smoke by exam rooms. The schools look like dirty prisons. And the parks are ugly. Yes, they do treat real Muslims bad and it makes me crazy! Why the King's wife can fly to Brazil to get her hair done but these beautiful Palestinian children have to play in the street with garbage because the government is too unorganized to figure out a way to get the trash off the street. I too get crazy at the government offices too because it's so unorganized. I love the people in my town, they have pride and understand values of religion and family. I am sad that the government can't get off thier butts and make it nice like the guys in the gulf do. Oh and it is so weird how the rich act like spoiled royalty and the poor are treated bad but the poor are the good ones. In America, the poor are usually the trash people. I like the fact the poor here are honorable. Salam.

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