A world of dreamers and pragmatists

The world is a tragedy to those who feel, and a comedy to those who think.

Perspectives is what makes life interesting. It's what actually makes people different, not race or color.

people are born identical. With goodness instilled in them. They all believe in truth and happiness. They all believe in justice and the power of the human soul. But then, we grow up. We are taught different versions of history and God. We are made to believe that we own the truth, and that we are somehow better than the rest. It sure helps us advance in certain aspects of life, but the trade off is that we lose some part of our humanity as life goes by, and we see it happening with pride, thinking that we are somehow growing stronger and better.

If you are lucky, you go on with your life failing to notice this, as your reality doesn't challenge your ideas. If you're not that lucky, you meet someone who unintentionally strikes a truth that you will never be comfortable with. The greater the divide, the more difficult it is for you to accept the new facts. You might change, but there is only so much you can change without being denounced for relinquishing your superiority and your version of the truth. Suddenly, what you know, or thought you knew, becomes the greatest wall separating you from reality and your humanity.

Ignorance is a bless.

Being naive is often what makes you happy. That's why children have the most genuine smiles. You might think It is inevitable, but there are those who are blessed with a humane reservoir that decades of life won't consume. As for the rest of us, we grow older and we lose our humanity to nothing.

Those who are prepared to cross barriers are the unsung heroes of this race. Sadly, quite often they are the ones who pay the price. Blessed are those who believe in abstracts and non-existing values, for without them the earth will be inhabited by Swiss watches and robots dressed in human skin working relentlessly and obliviously on terminating this race.

It's your choice whether you die of a great Tsunami, an ice age, an Ozone hole, or a sudden non-existence of dreamers!

Dreamers give losers life, and lovers give everyone a home.

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