Haifa Wehbe shows her religious side

The following article was taken from MSNArabia,
"Haifa Wehbe -4 months into marriage to Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu-Hashisma- will spend this Ramadan with him in her country of residence and homeland Lebanon, where she’ll be joining her family.

The Lebanese sensation said she will be dedicated during the Islamic holy month to caring after her household, as well as serving the yummiest food and all -she says she is a skilled cook.

Wehbe shuns offers for concerts at the traditional Ramadan marquees.

Her earlier proclamations about her intention to go for a month-long worship seclusion, were responded to rather sarcastically in media, but she reaffirmed: “I’m a Muslim, I used to fast since i was just a little child, and no one should interfere between a worshipper and his God”."

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